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About Me:
My name is Andreina, I'm 19 years old and I live in Panamá. I'm very talkative, crazy and friendly person, so don't be afraid to add me. I speak spanish, english and I know a little bit of french, so I would really love someone to practice my french. Anyway, my favorite movies are: Just Like Heaven, Walk the Line: Johnny & June, The Notebook, Elizabethtown and The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants.

About This Journal:
Life is so complicated that sometimes you need something to forget about everything and just have fun which is why I created this journal. I love editing pictures of the tv shows I love and the actors/actresses I adore. Also, I like editing videos a lot and specially of the couples I love. However, this journal is also just to write poems when I feel like it or just to write about my life or a movie.

About My Fandoms:
I used to watch and love (still do) Touched by An Angel, Charmed, Gilmore Girls & The Oc. I'm currently watching Gossip Girl, CSI, Smallville, Supernatural, Private Practice, Greys Anatomy, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ghost Whisper, among others that I do not mention because I'm not really following them.
I'm a shipper of many couples like Carter & Abby, Luke & Lorelai, Grissom & Sara, Chuck & Blair, Dan & Serena, Clark & Lois, Ryan & Marissa, Seth & Summer, Piper & Leo, Phoebe & Cole, Jim & Melinda, Alex & Addison, Meredith & Derek.

About What I Love:
-I love animals specially dogs, horses and cats.
-I love editing graphics and videos!
YT Account: http://www.youtube.com/user/Babygirl14x
-I love tv shows and to just watch the development of a tv couple is so magical.
-I love rock-pop-indie-country-balad music.

-Characters: Lorelai Gilmore, Abby Lockhart, Blair Waldorf, Sara Sidle, Addison Montgomery.
-Actors: Will Smith, Chris Evans, Steven Strait.
-Actresses: Jorja Fox, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Alexis Bledel.
-Drinks: Coca-Cola, Orange Juice
-Candies: Brownies, Cheesecake.

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